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Robert Downey Jr. says despite his problem with drugs, he is fortunate to have had continual support from people within the movie industry who have given him jobs and literally kicked his door down to get him help.

Oprah: Was it Jodie Foster who confronted you at some point? Tell me what that was like. You were on a film that she was directing?

Robert: First of all, Jodie Foster confronting you is not a comfortable situation. She said, "You know you're doing great on this film and I know that you're loaded, too, so, what's wrong with this picture? I'm worried about you. Not on this one, because we're almost done and you're going to be okay, and I know you have a really strong work ethic and you're kind of like a lab rat. You're really resilient. That's not a good thing in this situation. I'm worried about you for the next movie." And she was absolutely right.

Oprah: Is it true that Sean Penn whisked you off once on a private jet to get you into rehab, and then you ran away?

Robert: "Whisked me off." I wish it were that pleasant. Yes. That's half of it. What he did was kicked my door down. That was another thing. Jodie Foster and then the next minute the door flies off the hinges and there's Sean Penn in that leather jacket, like, "It's time to pay the piper!"
FROM: Robert Downey Jr.'s Brand New Life
Published on November 23, 2004


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