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Over the past three years, Amy's boyfriend has dumped her three times! "About six months ago we get back together, for real this time," Amy says. "We were great. It was a serious, committed relationship. And guess what, Greg? He broke up with me!" Amy asks Greg, "Is he really into me, or is he just into breaking up and getting back together?"

"Here's what I say about breakups: Don't let somebody break up with you more than once," Greg says. "It's like, break up with you once, shame on them. Break up with you five times…what's wrong, Amy? The thing about it is, what is he doing while he's not out with you? He's out looking for somebody else. He's out trying to find some other thing he's going to go do. That just isn't right. You're better than that. You know what I mean? Don't waste the pretty."

But Amy still wants to know why he keeps coming back if he's not really into her. "I guess my question is what is he getting out of it?" Amy asks.

"Probably some sex and companionship when he needs it," Greg says. "It's just not enough. That's the thing. It's not turning into anything. He keeps coming back and reinvestigating it, but it's not working. … I know it's tough but cut him off and see how that works. … You both need to do each other a favor and stay out of each other's lives because it just creates pain for you."
FROM: The He's Just Not That Into You Revolution
Published on April 27, 2005


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