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Debbie says she and her boyfriend have been hot and heavy for six months but no one knows that they're dating! "We've had the talk and we've decided we are boyfriend and girlfriend, but why are we the only ones that know it? And I admit things aren't always perfect: The other day we were supposed to have lunch and he totally forgot about it!" Debbie asks Greg, "The secret girlfriend wants to know is he into me or am I a secret for a reason?"

Greg says this is a classic case of "he's just not that into you." "I mean, you're such a secret that he forgot to go out with you one day," Greg says. "Here's the thing: When I love somebody or something, I'm crazy about her. I bought a Dodge Magnum station wagon and that's all I can talk about. It's got a hemi in it and 18-inch rims and I can't believe it, and I tell every person that won't be bored by me that I got it. … I'm stoked about it. So you can imagine how I should feel, and do feel, about my lady. I feel that way about my wife. … So, yeah, you shouldn't be a secret. Look at you. Who wants to keep you a secret? Please."
FROM: The He's Just Not That Into You Revolution
Published on April 27, 2005


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