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Jackie Harris
Laurie Metcalf played Jackie, Roseanne's zany sister and best friend, for nine seasons. Her character was actually based on Roseanne's real-life sister, Geraldine. "It's quite a ride when after the first week of a pilot your show goes to number one and stays there for a long, long time," she says. "My favorite memory has to be truly every scene that I got to do with Roseanne, because she taught me so much about acting. I don't think that people gave her credit for how brilliant her acting is, because to make it look that effortless takes a lot of work."

For the past few years, Laurie has been focusing her acting efforts on theater. Her most recent performance was in the play Detroit at Chicago's Steppenwolf Theatre. She can also be seen playing Jim Parson's mom on the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, and can be heard in the Toy Story movies, where she's the voice of Andy's mom.

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