The Cosby Show

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1. The Cosby Show
Ty Burrell (Phil): "I'm a huge Cosby fan...I never missed an episode."

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2. M*A*S*H
Julie Bowen (Claire): "I used to watch M*A*S*H every afternoon and never missed an episode."
Lawrence Welk

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3. The Lawrence Welk Show
Eric Stonestreet (Cameron): "I used to love [watching] Lawrence Welk with my grandma and grandpa."
The Carol Burnett Show

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4. The Carol Burnett Show and The Cosby Show
Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell): Growing up, Jesse says he always tuned in to watch comedians Carol Burnett and Bill Cosby.
The Honeymooners

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5. The Honeymooners
Ed O'Neill (Jay): "I watched a lot of Jackie Gleason on The Honeymooners."
I Love Lucy

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6. I Love Lucy
Sofia Vergara (Gloria): "I used to watch I Love Lucy. I love it because I feel like Gloria and Jay have this Ricky and Lucy–type relationship."
Dick Van Dyke Show

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7. Dick Van Dyke Show
Steve Levitan (creator, writer): "I grew up watching the Dick Van Dyke Show. I grew up in Chicago and that show was on every night, and I dreamed of being Rob Petrie...of having a family and working on a comedy show. It didn't seem too attainable when you're a kid growing up in Chicago, but somehow it's happened."
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