The Cast of Blood Diamond
Leonardo DiCaprio stars in 'Blood Diamond' and 'The Departed,' both released in 2006.
Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is gaining a reputation as one of the greatest actors of his generation, and he's having one of his best years yet. Already a two-time Oscar® nominee, some critics say he's in the running for two nominations this year—one for his role as an undercover cop in The Departed and the other as a diamond smuggler in Blood Diamond.

Despite all the success he's achieved at the age of 32 , Leonardo says he's not sure if he's yet a grown up. "There's some shift, but it's never one of those things where you wake up in the morning and you finally feel like a man," he says. "I think 35 is probably the age I'm going to have to start growing up."

Leonardo says he's flattered to have gained praise for his work, but he never sets out to win awards. "You never go in with that intent, you really don't," he says. "I got to work with two incredibly talented directors."