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Even before its release, Leonardo's other acclaimed movie from 2006, Blood Diamond, is grabbing headlines around the world. Set in the West African country Sierra Leone in 1999—at the height of the country's bloody civil war—the movie brings the controversies of the diamond trade to the silver screen.

Leonardo plays Danny Archer, a South African smuggler who sells "blood diamonds"—the illegal stones that finance the rebels who slaughtered, raped and mutilated thousands of innocent people during the Sierra Leone civil war. Djimon Hounsou plays Solomon Vandy, a fisherman brutally forced from his family and sent to work in the diamond fields.

When Solomon unearths a prized pink diamond, he risks his life to hide it. For Solomon, the diamond is the bargaining chip he needs to find his family. For Danny, it represents a chance at a new life.

Solomon and Danny, with help from a journalist played by Jennifer Connelly, embark on a dangerous mission through rebel territory to save Solomon's son.
FROM: What Leonardo DiCaprio Wants You to Know
Published on December 04, 2006


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