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When Barry, Jerry's insect alter-ego, decides to sue the honey industry, there was only one judge Jerry wanted on the benchJudge Bumbleden, played by Oprah herself!

Although Oprah was the voice of Gussy, an animated goose in Charlotte's Web, she says she had a hard time playing Judge Bumbleden. "I asked to redo it because I didn't think I was good the first time at all," she says. "I was really nervous with [Jerry] in the roomI was so intimidated!"

Jerry says Oprah's performance was fine the first time, but when she came back for round two, she was great. "She really did make it so much better," he says.

Even though the movie has wrapped, Oprah and Jerry both say they still have bees on the brain. One day, Oprah says she was sitting on her porch, eating tomatoes with fresh basil, when two bees began buzzing around her plate.

"I think they were after the basil," she says. "Instead of swatting them away, I just allowed myself to be there with the bees. I am not going to swat the bees because I'm now thinking they have families!"

"It's true," Jerry says. "I watch [bees], too, now. I look at them and I think, 'You have no idea what I did for you.'"
FROM: Jerry Seinfeld and His Big "Buzz"
Published on October 15, 2007


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