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When the movie began to take off, Jerry says all he had was a title. "I didn't have anything else," he says. "I had to fill in the movie because we already had the name."

Jerry asked three Seinfeld writers to help him create a bumblebee world, complete with rules like, "No buzzing after 6 p.m."

"We sat together in a room, and we just made up this universe," he says. "When you make one of these movies, there are no laws. [We asked], 'What do the bees know or what do they have? Do they have cars or do they fly everywhere? Or do they walk?' You've got to make all that stuff up, and it was really fun."

If Jerry had the chance, he says he'd like to impose a few new rules on humans. "I feel like sometimes these technologies kind of happen to us before we figure out, what are the rules of this thing?" he says. "The BlackBerry, for example, is a fantastic device, but there are no rules."

Jerry's perplexed by people who check their BlackBerrys while they're in the middle of a conversation. "People go into BlackBerry comas," he jokes. "They just go, 'I think I'll go elsewhere.' And they just leave you."

In Jerry's world, cell phone users would also follow new rules. "Caller ID and star-69 and caller ID blockremember there was a time like the phone would ring and somebody in the house would go, 'I'll get it.' I haven't heard that in 20 years," he says.

Although he likes to complain, Jerry says he has learned to appreciate life's little pleasures, like a good meal or his wife's brownies. "As cranky as I am, at the same time, I enjoy life," he says.
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Published on October 15, 2007