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As he waits for Bee Movie to land in theaters, Jerry admits he's a little nervous. "It's like you bought a present for somebody that was way too expensive. You can't return it. And now they're going to open it," he says. "It's an awful moment because there's a chance they're going to [insincerely] go, 'Oh, this is lovely.'"

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Now that he knows what it's like to obsess over every line of a movie, does Jerry feel fulfilled? "Yeah, I do," he says. "I did something different and I had to learn to do new things, so that's great."

During filming Jerry says he had to cut back on his stand-up comedy showsbut he is ready to get back on the stage. "That's really my life. These things happen to me and I do the best I can with them, but my life is being a comedian. That's what I'm good at."

Although he loved making the movie, Jerry says something very important was lacking from the experience. "There's something about the intimacy about the contact with humanity that you get with an audience. I'm thrilled I was able to make this movie, but it's not an intimate interaction with the public. It's more of a gift that you kind of leave at their door," he says. "I love feeling the life and the warmth and the unpredictability. I love audiences."

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FROM: Jerry Seinfeld and His Big "Buzz"
Published on October 15, 2007


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