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Renée earned a Golden Globe for her dazzling performance in Chicago. She's been nominated three times in a row for an Oscar®, and this year she won as best supporting actress in Cold Mountain. Renée's also currently starring as the voice of Angie in Shark Tale, an animated comedy also starring Will Smith.

Oprah: What's the biggest impact fame has had on you?

Renée: Oh, that's really hard to say...because it's not something that I feel until I'm outside of my house and away from my closest friends, where it's put onto you...I think the strangest thing...is the not really [being able] to meet people anymore.

Oprah: So paparazzi are always after you, and I hear you have rules for how you act in public?

Renée: Oh, well, they're just things that after a while you stop noticing you're doing. I have the "don't scratch" rule. I don't want to scratch in public...And who you hug. You have to be cautious. You don't want to eat while standing on the curb. Just don't do it. Don't eat. Apples, ice cream, you know.
FROM: The Stars of Bridget Jones
Published on October 22, 2004


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