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To get into character, Renée made drastic changes. As she did for the first Bridget Jones, Renée added 30 pounds and four dress sizes to her petite frame! For nine months she avoided the gym and ate under the guidance of a nutritionist.

"It's very carefully laid out," Renée says of the plan to gain weight. "It's a plan to implement where we need to go. It's math: If you want to look like this, then you have to eat this much each day until that date...And it sounds so exciting but it's really not. It's really boring. There's no time for [pizza]. You're doing rehearsals and you have dialect class three times take day. And then [there's] a fitting and then you have to go and learn your lines. So you're at work and the food gets shuffled in and you switch the pen for the fork for a second while you're going over whatever it is you're trying to learn. It's just something you're not so conscious of. It's not like, 'All right. Here's the good part of the day where you go get the sundae or whatever.' It's just part of the work."
FROM: The Stars of Bridget Jones
Published on October 22, 2004


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