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Patrick and Ellen aren't the only two actors entangled in a complicated relationship on the Grey's Anatomy set. Actress Sandra Oh plays Dr. Cristina Yang, another intern who falls for her attending surgeon.

Cristina is known around Seattle Grace as an ambitious perfectionist who'll stop at nothing to make it to the top. Sandra's portrayal of this manic intern won her the Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe in 2006!

Though Cristina has brought Sandra accolades, she says in real life, she'd never be friends with her character. "[Cristina's] lacking a lot of self-awareness," Sandra says. "I don't want to be friends with her because she obviously has tremendous intimacy problems."

Sandra may not want to be Cristina's friend, but she says she would want Cristina to be her doctor.

The only chance Sandra gets to show Cristina's softer side is during scenes with her on-screen boyfriend, Dr. Preston Burke. Sandra says she thinks Cristina truly loves Preston, despite her tough exterior. "I think they really love each other," Sandra says. "I think she has a problem of feeling understood, but something about him understands her."
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Published on November 17, 2006


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