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Sarah was 14 years old when she wrapped her head in a towel, put a gun to her temple and shot herself. Investigators suspect she had endured sexual abuse at the hands of the Cleemput's neighbor and family friend Richard Stone for at least three years. In a note to her family, Sarah wrote, "If you don't know why a normal teenager does something like this, ask Dick."

Sarah's parents say their daughter was a cheerful, fun-loving girl, and her suicide came "out of the blue." Sarah's mother, Ingrid, admits that looking back, there were signs of abuse. She remembers a disturbing incident in which Stone "took a piece of chocolate out of [Sarah's] mouth with his mouth." Ingrid remembers her daughter also started avoiding Stone and "didn't want to be anywhere near him."

Ingrid says she felt guilty at the time for being suspicious. "I thought, 'You shouldn't be thinking something like this because he's a close family friend,'" she says.
FROM: Teri Hatcher's Desperate Secret: An Exclusive
Published on May 02, 2006


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