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For millions of Desperate Housewives fans, Wisteria Lane wouldn't be the same without Teri Hatcher. Little do they know, Teri says she almost blew her audition!

Just one week before landing Desperate Housewives, Teri had a disastrous audition for another ABC sitcom. "Not only did I not get it, the feedback was sort of like, 'You had a chip on your shoulder,'" she remembers.

After hearing the negative reaction, Teri says she cried for about 18 hours. That same day her manager called to tell her about the Desperate Housewives audition. She desperately needed a job, but she says she knew she wouldn't get the part looking like "a wreck." She asked her manager to move the audition, and, a week later, Teri walked into the Desperate Housewives audition with a fresh attitude. "[I thought,] it's a new day. It's a new opportunity, and I'm just going to be me," she says. "It was one of those auditions that goes so well that you walk out and you go, 'I don't even care if I get this because that went as well as it could go.'"

After two seasons, Teri says she loves her job more than ever. "I love the role of Susan," she says. "I've never, ever had such a great role. I have more fun playing her today than I ever did when we started."
FROM: Teri Hatcher's Desperate Secret: An Exclusive
Published on May 02, 2006