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Tatum and her father Ryan O'Neal haven't spoken in years. He is reportedly in remission after battling leukemia. "I love my dad," says Tatum. "I would love nothing more than my dad to sit here and say, for him to have said, 'I'm sorry, Tatum.'"

Ryan O'Neal made this statement, "It is unfortunate that Tatum has chosen to write a book that depicts her life in such a negative manner. We are all responsible for our actions and must live with reminders of them daily, Tatum included. It is a sad day when malicious lies are told in order to become a bestseller. As a father, it is my hope that this book was written to serve as her therapy, and if this is what she needed to do to wake each day and live with herself, then I can only support her healing process, good, bad and ugly. It is now my hope that she get sober, so her perception of the future is nothing like her clouded memories of the past."

Tatum's reaction? "Well, I think that's not true," says Tatum. "First of all, the sober part is an insult, because I have and I am and that's unfortunate that he had to say that. That makes me angry."
FROM: Exclusive: Tatum O'Neal's Hollywood Nightmare
Published on October 12, 2004


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