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After Paper Moon, Tatum O'Neal seemed to be the "It" girl, living what looked like a glamorous life as Hollywood's hottest child actor, with her handsome father always by her side. Tatum writes in the book, A Paper Life, "I remained [my father] Ryan's companion on the Hollywood party circuit, growing inured to sex and drugs before I was in my teens. A needy little girl, still haunted by neglect, I clung to him and even the women in his life. However, the more love I craved, the more distant and abusive he grew."

When her father began dating Hollywood's biggest sex symbol, Farrah Fawcett, Tatum says she found herself shut out and on her own at age 16. Tatum says she and Farrah have never come to terms with one another. "I just don't know how to communicate with her," says Tatum. "Like I don't know if she remembers, you know what I mean? Like I just don't know what planet she's on."
FROM: Exclusive: Tatum O'Neal's Hollywood Nightmare
Published on October 12, 2004


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