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Tatum O'Neal earned an Academy Award® for best supporting actress in Paper Moon, starring opposite her father, Hollywood leading man Ryan O'Neal. Only 10 years old, she became the youngest Oscar® winner.

But Tatum did not live a charmed life. Growing up, Tatum says few people realize that offscreen she and her brother Griffin had been shuttled back and forth between their mentally unstable mother and their father who Tatum says was volatile and unpredictable. Tatum claims they were living in a world full of drugs, neglect, and physical and mental abuse. By age 20, she says she was addicted to cocaine. And later, when her 10-year marriage to tennis star John McEnroe ended in an explosive divorce, she turned to heroin, eventually losing custody of her three children.

Now, at age 40, Tatum reveals the untold stories behind her notorious Hollywood life in her new book, A Paper Life. "I mean, I have to be honest about what happened in my life," says Tatum. "Now people know what happened to me. I didn't just fall off the side of the road and decide to do drugs and, you know, terrible things happened to me. Terrible. It's no joke."
FROM: Exclusive: Tatum O'Neal's Hollywood Nightmare
Published on October 12, 2004


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