Tall Tales and Legends
Oprah and Jennifer Aniston
Rumor Control
Oprah is used to seeing her face splashed across the cover of tabloid magazines, but she says sometimes the rumors get so out of hand, she has to separate fact from fiction. One such rumor has spread so quickly that even members of Oprah's staff are asking if it's true!

Recent headlines claim that Oprah's planning an $8 million wedding for her friend Jennifer Aniston , who is reportedly dating actor Vince Vaughn. The tabloids go into elaborate detail about the "wedding of the century," even saying that Oprah is giving the couple a $1 million gift and has hired cellist Yo-Yo Ma to perform at the ceremony.

Oprah takes an important call at the studio to clear up these rumors, once and for all. Jennifer, who's currently starring in the movie Friends with Money , calls in to say the story is not true.

"[The rumors] are so unbelievable," Jennifer says. "For us, I guess, at a certain point, you have no other choice but to think it's funny."