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René came away from her surgery with two small scars and a new lease on life. "I sleep better now than I have I think in five years," she says. "I feel lighter. I'm happy."

Before having a double mastectomy, René had a 40 percent chance of developing breast cancer. Now, the risk has been drastically reduced to 2 percent!

Although she'll never have to have another mammogram or biopsy, René says she'll continue to see a doctor because there's a chance she could develop cancer in her nipple or the areola.

In her book, Good-Enough Mother, René discusses her family life and life-changing choice. She says she hopes that her story will inspire women struggling with the same decision to do what's best for them.

"In all the work that I've done on the Early Show and as a local news anchor, I was always about educating and empowering women," she says. "I really wanted women to know that they had a choice. I made a choice—albeit, not the choice for everyone. But it was the choice for me."
FROM: Why I Cut Off My Breasts
Published on March 29, 2007