Marie says the HPV vaccine can help underprivileged girls.

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Texas Governor Rick Perry has made headlines for issuing an executive order requiring all girls ages 11 and 12 to receive the HPV vaccine before they can enter the sixth grade. This decision has some parents in an uproar over being told how to handle their children's healthcare.

Dr. Savard says it's important for parents to know the facts and protect their children's health. But the mandate could be saving lives, she says. Since the vaccine is so expensive, Dr. Savard believes a mandate may be necessary to help lower prices to make it affordable for all young women.

"It's the underserved, the unprivileged girls in this country who are more likely to die of cervical cancer, [and not be able to] get the pap test in the first place," Dr. Savard says. "That's where the vaccination can make a huge difference. Without a mandate, it's just not going to happen."
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Published on March 29, 2007