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After an afternoon at T.J.Maxx, these designer divas say they've changed their ways. "I've never really shopped at a discount store like that before," Erin says. "This was just really eye-opening because I don't have to spend X amount of money to get a certain look."

Liz looks like she just stepped off a designer's runway, but Adam says her entire look cost less than $100. The dress cost $40, her Ralph Lauren shoes were $50 and the bracelet was a steal at $10. "I was amazed," Liz says.

For trendy teens like Erin, Adam says discount stores are the perfect places to shop for looks that may only last one season. "I don't believe in spending a lot of money in a trend," he says. "All teenagers want to wear skinny jeans, and the gray jean is really hot right now. You will never believe that these jeans are only $17."

Adam says you can also find pieces that will last for years at discount stores. "[With Erin], we did an investment piece, which is the leather jacket," he says. "It was $129, but normally it was $500."

For only $25, two great pieces have Annie looking more stylish and age appropriate than ever. "She did have a Marc Jacobs bag. Now Annie has this cute $15 bag," Adam says. "She has that great plaid peacoat. That was $10."

Liz: Dress: Maggy London, $39.99; shoes: Ralph Lauren, $49.99; bracelet: $10 

Annie: Coat: T.W.S., $10; turtleneck: Takeout, $12.99; leggings: Connection 18, $5.99; purse: Nine West, $14.99; shoes: Calvin Klein, $39.99

Erin: Jeans: 17/21, $16.99; top: Alice & Olivia, $99; jacket: Bod & Christensen, $129.99; shoes: Jessica Simpson, $59.99 

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Published on October 26, 2010


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