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After the tragic loss of a child many marriages struggle, some leading to divorce. John Edwards says through their grief, his relationship with Elizabeth got stronger. "She's the most extraordinary person I've ever known. I call her my conscience," John says. "She knows intuitively the difference between right and wrong. She seems to have an understanding of what to say and what's real and what's not. She is an extraordinary woman."

For both Elizabeth and John, grieving Wade was something they did on their own terms. "I think the most important thing is to deal with it in your own way, and not have people tell you what you're supposed to do. There is no 'supposed to do,'" says John.

As time passed, the Edwards knew they would have to make a decision to continue moving forward with their lives. "The choice is go crawl into a corner and wither away, or to go try to do something with your life—that doesn't mean it's easy."
FROM: The Day Your World Falls Apart: Elizabeth Edwards
Published on September 27, 2006


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