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It took an ultimatum from her husband, Rob, for Carnie to realize she had hit rock bottom.

"We were five years into our marriage at that point and she was really kind of in the whole alcoholic stage," Rob says. "And I said, 'You're either gonna sober up and be sober for a little while before we start trying to have a baby or I don't really see us going anywhere.' If you're not healthy with yourself, how are you gonna be a good mom?"

Carnie says she stopped drinking right away. Three weeks later, she was pregnant. "That's why I'm clean," Carnie says. "I'm clean for my daughter."

After two years of sobriety, Carnie has decided to finally share her secret to help others realize surgery isn't a cure-all. "I'm here to get the message out that after you have a gastric bypass surgery, you need to focus on what's in your head," Carnie says. "Before the surgery, you focus on it. During the surgery, you focus on it. After the surgery...it is ongoing forever."
FROM: Suddenly Skinny
Published on October 24, 2006