Dr. Robin works with Lori and her family

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As a child, Lori says she was sexually, emotionally and physically abused. "I spent basically 17 years pouring my heart and soul into my kids, making sure that they were not victims as I had been," says Lori.

By abusing alcohol, Dr. Robin says Lori is ultimately transferring her childhood wounds to her own children. "This is what happens when people were injured and they don't heal the wound," says Dr. Robin. "They then become the perpetrator, and then they harm other people as well as themselves."

Dr. Robin says Pat needs to acknowledge the toll that Lori's drinking is taking on the family. "You [need to] get really clear that you and your children are not living with this woman—not that you're not going to live with Lori whole and healed—but not the addict, no way," says Dr. Robin. "Not one more day will you or your children be subjected to someone who is unable to see that they're suffering."
FROM: Suddenly Skinny
Published on October 24, 2006