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Dr. Robin says that no weight loss surgery can automatically make anyone's life better. "It's going to give you a chance physically at changing things," Dr. Robin says. "But emotionally the flood gates are going to open in a way that you can't imagine."

It's no surprise, Dr. Robin says, that once Linda's waistline shrunk, the pain increased and new addictions formed. "It's not about the food—the food is symbolic of all the other stuff," Dr. Robin says. "Addictions are symbols. They are in our life to say, 'You are in trouble.'"

Linda sees a therapist and has completed an outpatient program for her drinking, but continues to struggle with knowing who she is. "I knew who the fat girl was. I don't know who this girl is. And it's all part of figuring that out," Linda says.

Dr. Robin says it's an illusion to think she knew who she was when she was heavy "because that person also was in hiding. And it's better to know that you're actually starting from scratch than to think that you did know, and lost [yourself]," Dr. Robin says.
FROM: Suddenly Skinny
Published on October 24, 2006


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