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Linda was a wife, mother of three and a nurse struggling with her weight. After reaching 342 pounds, she decided to have gastric bypass surgery. "My entire life, I believed that if I could be thin, if there was some magic cure, some diet, my life would be perfect. And I thought I'd rather be dead than fat," she says.

After surgery, Linda lost 200 pounds and hoped her new look would help her improve her marriage. "I thought that the reason that my husband was not in love with me, had never been in love with me, was because of the way that I looked," Linda says.

Linda's transformation did not save her crumbling marriage. She says her husband withdrew even more. "Becoming thin was supposed to be the answer to all of my problems," Linda says. "And then you finally achieve that goal and everything's not all better. It comes as such a shock."

No longer able to turn to food for comfort, Linda developed a dangerous set of addictions that would turn her world upside-down.
FROM: Suddenly Skinny
Published on October 24, 2006


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