Struggle On the Sidelines
Craig has sacrificed everything—his time, his career, his life's savings—and he claims it is all for his 9-year-old son Trenton, whose biggest dream is to become a professional football player—which coincidentally, was also Craig's dream.

Trenton trains relentlessly seven days a week. Between practices, games, coaching sessions with a semi-pro quarterback and chiropractor appointments, Trenton has little time for anything but football. He's also being trained to be emotionally tough. Craig has a rule—if Trenton gets hurt and wants to cry, he can only cry for 10 seconds—then he has to get back to practice.

Craig knows his young son may be his last hope for an NFL dream. "I run two flag football teams," Craig explains, "I also deliver pizzas for Domino's. The reason I don't have one good job is purely so I have the opportunity to be available to Trenton to train. I haven't exactly achieved the things that I set out to achieve in my life. With Trenton, with so much ability and so much enthusiasm for a dream of being an NFL football player, that gives me hope for the future. His future and my future is tied to football."