Mind Your Manners
Oprah shares her pet peeves.
Fed up with the rude behavior you experience day in and day out? Is it aggressive driving, co-workers who don't wash their hands or smokers who use the sidewalk as their personal ashtrays? What about the sales clerks who ignore you—then act like they own the store when you finally get their attention?

Watch to see what else drives people up the wall! Watch

It's time for a return to civility! In the November 2007 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, Oprah asked Jerry Seinfeld about his biggest pet peeve. Turns out, it's a lack of civility. "Nobody's ever said that as an answer in all the years I've asked that question," Oprah says. Jerry's top three? Cutting people off on the road, BlackBerry or cell phone abuse and interrupting while someone is talking.

Oprah agrees with Jerry on the cell phones—and has a few rude behaviors to add to the list. "Mine are people who are chewing gum with their mouth open," Oprah says. "I also can't stand it when people are rude to service workers because I think you show who you are by how you treat people who are serving you."