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Recently, Dave's alma mater, Ball State University, gave him one of the biggest honors of his life by naming its communications building after him. "That's when you know you're really somebody, when they're naming buildings after you," Oprah says.

All jokes aside, Dave showed how honored he truly was while speaking about his father. "In 1973, my father, who was 57, dropped dead of a massive heart attack, would have loved this," Dave said during his speech at Ball State University. "It would have been the most exciting day of his life. And I hope to God, literally hope to God, that wherever he is, he's enjoying this day."

At age 56—just one year younger than the age his father died of a heart attack—Dave had bypass surgery. "For a hypochondriac, it's perfect," Dave jokes. "Because it gives you so much to talk about. You get to talk about yourself and you get to, you know, stop people on the street and they ask you how you're doing. I loved everything about it."
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Published on September 10, 2007