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Dave says he and Harry do lots of father-son stuff together, like watching airplanes take off from a nearby airport. "He loves airplanes," Dave says.

Dave enjoys helping Harry in his fieldwork as a budding 3-year-old entomologist. "He has a little box that he likes to collect bugs and put the bugs in the box. And you can put them in dead, you can put them in live—it makes absolutely no difference. And then at the end of the day we release them, dead or alive."

One area Dave says he struggles with is the "razor's edge" of when to be patient with Harry and when to use discipline. "When I was a kid, when everybody's a kid, you see your toys out in the yard and you don't think about them. And then later Dad will say, 'You know, Dave, you left your damn bike in the blah, blah.'

"So yesterday Harry left his little tricycle down in the driveway—and I found this so touching because it was reminiscent of when I was a kid—and late in the day I thought, you know what, I'm just going to go down there and bring it up for him and tell him, 'Oh, don't worry about your tricycle. I brought it up from the driveway.'

"And it was, 'You did what? I wanted that tricycle in the driveway.' And this was disturbing mostly because that's exactly how I behave. … And then do you know what I had to do? Naughty chair. … So we put him in the naughty chair, and he's still there."
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Published on September 10, 2007


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