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Experts say we are raising the most overindulged generation in the history of this country—and that many parents don't realize giving kids everything they want can actually ruin their lives. In fact, it's believed that saying "no" to your child could actually be the most loving thing you can do as a parent.

Todd and Lisa said their daughter, Hannah, was spoiled and difficult, and her explosive tantrums were wreaking havoc in their home.

Lisa said Hannah tormented her nannies trying to get them to quit, and switched schools because of her behavior. To keep the peace, Lisa gave Hannah whatever she wanted. "I think I wanted to give her everything," Lisa said. "It's also I wanted to be her best friend, and I wanted her to trust me."

But Todd had reached his limit, often losing his temper and yelling at the family. "I love my family, I just can't do this anymore," Todd says.

With their marriage now on the rocks and their daughter out of control, the family needed help.
FROM: Moms Who Can't Say No
Published on October 06, 2006


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