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Two days after the children were taken to the clinic, Lisa returns with some of their families. She says she's overwhelmed by the changes she sees in them. The young boys who were afraid to smile just days before are now singing and stomping their feet.

When the families are brought inside the classroom, the mood suddenly shifts. At first, Lisa says the children seem excited to see their parents, but after a few moments, reality sets in. "I think a lot of them realize that they don't really know their parents anymore," Lisa says.

Some embrace their parents, while others sit quietly at their desks. The boy who was sold when he was 4 years old refuses to go to his mother. Eric says he's still angry with her.

Although Lisa's trip ends on a bittersweet note, she says she finds comfort in knowing that these children can have a better tomorrow. "If God permits, I can be a scientist, a news reader...anything at all," Never says. "I can be a president, too."
FROM: A Special Report: The Little Boy Oprah Couldn't Forget
Published on February 09, 2007


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