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Mark is now safe and sound at the Village of Hope Orphanage in Ghana. Although Mark has only been there for about six weeks, he's already learned a few words in English and is adjusting well. "I wasn't happy in my village," he says. "I like it here."

Mark shares a bedroom with other children who were rescued by Pam. For the first time in their lives, these boys and girls are sleeping in beds and using a shower.

Pam says that if she can help a child, anyone can. "There's nothing more exciting than to think you're changing somebody's life," she says.

"I've interviewed thousands of people," Oprah tells Pam. "Famous people, rich people...but never has anybody deserved a standing ovation more than you today."

Oprah hopes that the people who hear Pam's story will also be inspired to follow their hearts. "The next time you see a story and the story grabs your heart and it haunts you, you'll think about Pam and what one woman can do to make a difference."
FROM: A Special Report: The Little Boy Oprah Couldn't Forget
Published on February 09, 2007


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