Small Wonders
Daniel Cook, one of the youngest talk show hosts in the world
Seven pint-sized prodigies from five different countries traveled more than 24,000 miles to showcase their talents on The Oprah Show. From India to Canada, these whiz kids are making headlines and making history.

First Oprah meets her Canadian competition—9-year-old Daniel Cook, one of the youngest talk show hosts in the world!

Daniel began hosting his own series, This Is Daniel Cook, when he was just 6 years old. Since then, millions of American and Canadian children have tuned in to follow along on his exciting adventures. Daniel has done everything from feeding animals at the zoo to digging for dinosaur bones. In 2006, he even went on the campaign trail as a special political correspondent during the Canadian federal election.

Now, with three TV shows, six books and five DVDs under his belt, Daniel's ready to test his skills as a behind-the-scenes correspondent for The Oprah Show! He'll get access to places few people ever see and interview guests backstage. Oprah will check in later to see how Daniel's doing.