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Reigning Junior World Memory Champion Corinna Draschl came all the way from Austria to take Oprah's memory challenge! Given the photos and names of 50 random audience members, the 17-year-old only has 20 minutes to learn them all. Adding to the pressure, Corinna isn't familiar with American names.

When put to the test, Corinna aces every question. How does she do it? "I memorize it, go through it, repeat," she says. "Sometimes I take something really special for the person, like your hair. If she has braids or something, and link it with the name."

Women are easier to remember than men, Corinna says, thanks to different hairstyles, clothing and makeup. "If all of the men wear suits, are between 40 and 50, and [have] glasses, then it's really difficult because they all look alike," she says.

Corinna says her gift comes in handy socially—she never forgets a face, even if the other person does. "I'm going maybe to one of the men from the day before, 'Hey, can you remember? We met yesterday,'" she says. "He's saying, 'No, I'm sorry.'"
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Published on February 12, 2007


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