Oprah says she loves Skyping with viewers.
Oprah says one of America's favorite TV families introduced her to technology that she never imagined using…until now!

In 1962, George, Jane and other space-age characters on The Jetsons spoke to each other through linked video monitors, which closely resemble the Skype™ technology Oprah now uses on a regular basis.

Since 2005, millions have logged on to Skype to call people around the world…for free! From business associates to faraway family members, Skype users keep in touch using ever-evolving audio and video technology.

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"It's the coolest thing ever," Oprah says. "[The Jetsons] called it televiewing at the time, and we call it Skyping. It's been one of the great things this year … being able to talk to viewers from their kitchens, from their living rooms, their bedrooms."