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Shortly after he discovered that the man he claims was his childhood molester was living just down the street from him, Tony sat his daughter down and had the most heart-wrenching conversation of his life.

"You know how Mom and Dad tell you to cross your legs when you sit down?" Tony asks his daughter. "And don't let other people see your underwear, your privates and if somebody ever touches you there or whatever to tell a big person? Well, a long time ago, when Daddy was a little older than you are, somebody did that to Daddy. And today, the person who hurt Daddy a long time ago—Daddy saw that person. And he lives down the street and I don't know what that's going to mean but what I want to tell you is that Daddy's going to be okay. … I also don't want you talking to this person. Ever. If you fall down and scrape your knee on your bike and that person comes up to help you, you tell him to get away."

Today, the man Tony accused of molesting him no longer lives in Tony's neighborhood.
FROM: Molested by a Priest
Published on June 13, 2005


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