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"The whole country thinks that [sexual abuse of children] is about sex, and I keep saying that it isn't about sex," Oprah says. "The sex is the most minimal part of it. You know, whether there is sexual penetration or not sexual penetration, it doesn't matter. It's the secret. Anybody who holds a secret, I don't care what your secret is, if you keep a secret for a long time, or any amount of time, you begin to develop shame around the secret. And then what does that say about you as you're developing as a girl? Are you a bad girl? Are you one of those girls?"

"You're drawn into the secret," Celesta explains. "You know, for me it was the secret of 'If you don't tell your parents…' You know, 'You can't tell them or I'm going to kill them.' So here you've got this bond with someone and they've created a bond so you don't break it. And you're a little child and of course you don't want to be doing this thing and so you know that you're not supposed to and that it's bad and you can't control it."
FROM: Molested by a Priest
Published on June 13, 2005


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