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After the emotional confrontation, the abuser says, "Maybe together we can carry this burden together somehow."

Celesta responds, saying, "We can't. You carry your burden and you do your part. And I'm carrying my burden, and I swear I'm doing my part. I'm doing my part as fast as I can. It's good to know that I'm telling you and that you told me because then it's not my work anymore. It's your work. And I can go on with my life. Oh, God, I hope so."

Why did Celesta want to confront this painful period in her life? What did she hope to gain from it? "I wanted to break the bond. I mean, I say it even after we've done it, you know. I sat in there [thinking] 'Am I friends with him? What is that? Why did I sit and talk to him so long,'" she asks herself. "I felt a lot of shame that I was so nice to him. But the truth is there was a bond and I wanted to break it. I think that's why I had to go and confront him. I wanted to find out, why do I still feel that affection? That's absurd, but I do. And so I had to go meet him face to face and go, 'Okay, I know who you are now and I don't feel this way about you anymore.'"
FROM: Molested by a Priest
Published on June 13, 2005


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