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Many prostitutes—especially the women who suffered abuse as children—look at their pimp as a "father figure," Lisa says. "These pimps come along, and they offer [prostitutes] security, and they say, 'We'll take care of you. We'll take care of your kids.' So the girls often trust them. ... They'll do anything they say."

Law enforcement agents tell Lisa that when they bust pimps at their homes, they have to bring extra squad cars and child safety seats, because there are so many kids in the house. "It is sickening," Lisa says.

Oftentimes, prostitutes don't see a penny of the money they earn on the streets. Every dollar goes into the pocket of their pimp, Lisa explains. So why are so many young women becoming prostitutes? Special Agent Beaver says the glamorization of the sex industry in music and on TV contributes to the problem. "Society today, in many ways, condones it," he says. "We have little people growing up seeing that and that's what they think is acceptable."

Despite what some may think, there's nothing glamorous about prostitution. According to the Inter-Press Service, an international journalists' organization, the number one cause of death among prostitutes is murder.
FROM: Inside the Lives of Young Prostitutes
Published on May 08, 2006


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