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According to the FBI, the average age prostitutes begin selling their bodies is just 14 years old. Many of these young prostitutes work in places like truck stops.

Oprah Show correspondent Lisa Ling followed the Oklahoma City Police Department's vice squad on a sting to expose a hot spot of child prostitution called "Party Row."

On Party Row, the police explain, anywhere between six and 20 young girls a night walk between the trucks to solicit "dates." The truckers flash their lights to signal that they are looking for sex.

One woman who is arrested is a 19-year-old college student, who tells Lisa she sells herself to support her children. She says she doesn't count how many men she has sex with in a given night. "I already feel bad about it as it is. And then you think about how many people you've been with—it's just crazy," she says.

Despite the means in which she supports herself, the woman still dreams of getting off Party Row. "I want to be a nurse," she says. "That is what I'm going to school for, to be a registered nurse. I don't want to be a prostitute forever."
FROM: Inside the Lives of Young Prostitutes
Published on May 08, 2006


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