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Oprah and Dr. Ablow believe the nation is confused as to how it should punish convicted sex offenders.

Oprah: This country has not made a decision, as a collective body, about how we feel about child molesters. And the reason we haven't made a decision is because when it comes time to make a decision in everybody's home, somebody says, "Well, maybe he can get help." "Maybe he can be rehabilitated." "Well, I don't want him to serve [time]—I mean, I want him to be slapped on the hand but he's the provider of my family and maybe we can make our family work." We haven't decided what we really want done.

Dr. Ablow: There's an inherent disconnect. In other words, when [the molester is] someone we care about, we want this person to get help. When it happens to someone we don't know we want the person put in jail for life or killed.

Oprah: That's right. That's my point.

Dr. Ablow: We need to come closer to caring about everything and do the right thing.
FROM: When the One You Love Is a Pedophile
Published on August 02, 2005