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On the morning of February 12, 2005, Darlene got a phone call that she'll never forget. The caller told Darlene that FBI agents were raiding her ex-husband's home. "I'm thinking, 'Okay, this is a really bad joke,'" she remembers. "Todd was a poster child of perfectionism. He was super moral...he wouldn't even spit his gum on the sidewalk."

Worried about the father of her children, Darlene raced to the scene. When she arrived, an FBI agent read the charge against her ex-husband—traveling across state lines for the purpose of having sex with a minor. "They asked me if I knew what NAMBLA was," she says. "All I heard of that was 'man-boy love' and that [was] the first kick in the stomach."

At first, Darlene thought they had the wrong guy, but e-mails and phone calls recorded by the FBI left her with no doubt. Todd's secrets were revealed. "He had preferences," Darlene says. "He had preferences of how [the boys] would look. He had preferences of the type of sex he would like to engage in with those 12-year-olds. My thoughts during that [were], 'You're describing my son. You're describing his friends.'"
FROM: What Pedophiles Don't Want You to Know
Published on September 28, 2006


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