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Think it's bad enough to get caught once in a Dateline sting? Try twice in 24 hours.

John Kennelly allegedly went to a suburban house to meet who he thought was a 14-year-old boy. The decoy asked him to bring a 12-pack of beer and to come in through the side garage naked—which he did. Decoys often ask suspects to bring alcohol or other items to help authorities establish intent so they can be convicted.

Chris handed Kennelly a towel as he and his cameras caught him nude in the kitchen. Kennelly first tells Chris he's a 29-year-old bus driver, then says he's a teacher. In reality, Kennelly is 44 and unemployed. He says on camera that he knows what he did was wrong. When asked what would have happened if Chris had not been there, Kennelly says he "probably would have chickened out."

Just hours later, at 4 a.m., Kennelly allegedly chatted with another Perverted Justice decoy posing as a 13-year-old boy. The chat turned sexual, and he allegedly set up another date—this time at a fast food restaurant.
FROM: What Pedophiles Don't Want You to Know
Published on September 28, 2006


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