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Since the first season of The Oprah Show, Oprah has devoted many hours to educating the public about sexual molestation. In October 2005, she took her mission one step further and launched the Child Predator Watch List to help take accused sex offenders off the streets.

Oprah thought she'd exposed it all...until she read a booklet her producers discovered during an Internet search. The 18-page document describes in detail what pedophiles want children to know about having sex with adults. The opening paragraph states, "This booklet is for any boy who is old enough to be able to read it and who wants straight talk about all aspects of sex between boys and other males."

A secret society of sexual predators is banding together on the Internet and sharing tips on how to seduce children. A New York Times investigation uncovered gold and silver pendants (pictured above) that may be worn by child predators. These seemingly innocent charms symbolize one's attraction to young boys or girls.

Molesters' secrets have been closely guarded...until now. Oprah reveals exactly what pedophiles don't want you to know.
FROM: What Pedophiles Don't Want You to Know
Published on September 28, 2006


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