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Dawn Reiser was living the life of her dreams. She had a loving husband, a home and the job that she'd always wanted. She was teaching seventh grade at a private Catholic school in Texas when a boy walked into her homeroom and changed her life forever.

It all began, Reiser says, when this teenage student began complimenting her during class. "He had this crush on me, and it was pretty well known," she says. "I would be teaching in the middle of a lesson and he would say, 'Mrs. Reiser, you smell beautiful.'"

Like Duran, Reiser says she developed feelings for her student. "I've struggled up and down with self-esteem, and it's very, very flattering to be told you're beautiful," she says. "You want to believe it because it sounds good. ... It's a fantasy—that kind of attention. Somewhere the line between fantasy and reality blurs."

The relationship soon turned sexual. "He asked me to be his first," Reiser says. "I was very honest. I said, 'I'm flattered. I would love to. You're not ready.'"
FROM: Female Teachers, Young Boys, Secret Sex at School
Published on April 27, 2006