Jeanice and Jim

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Jeanice's life looked ideal from the outside—a wealthy husband, two healthy sons, a gorgeous home and a booming yacht business. Little did she know that her husband, Jim, was leading a double life as a gay man. Jim says that he thinks he knew he was gay before he married Jeanice, but he felt like when he met her, he wouldn't have to be with another person—woman or man. He then says he cheated on Jeanice 12 of the 15 years they were married.

"Even when [Jeanice and I] were having great sex, I still had an attraction to men," Jim says. "I always sort of thought the gayness would eventually get out of my system. Once or twice she asked if there was another woman in my life, and I actually told her there was not. In the back of my mind I thought, 'Okay, there's men in my life, but there's no other women in my life.'"
FROM: My Husband Is Gay
Published on October 27, 2004