Sean Penn's Latest Passion
Sean Penn, one of Oprah's favorite actors
Oprah has seen every one of his movies and calls herself a "connoisseur" of his art. Although he rarely does interviews, OscarĀ® winner Sean Penn is making an exception for one of his biggest fans.

"I've told him he's got to come out here, and he's got to speak," Oprah says. "Then he's got to feel the love and accept it."

For more than 20 years, Sean has rewritten the rules in Hollywood. He began his movie career in the early '80s with films like Taps and Fast Times at Ridgemont High. In the '90s, he received critical acclaim for his performance in Carlito's Way and Dead Man Walking.

Although she owns all of Sean's movies, Oprah says her all-time favorite is I Am Sam. In the film, Sean plays a mentally disabled adult struggling to raise a child on his own. "No matter what mood you're in, you watch that movie, you feel better," she says.

Off screen, Sean is raising two teenagers with his wife, actress Robin Wright Penn. Inside their California home, Sean's children aren't fazed by their father's accolades. "My children would say that the biggest misconception [about me] is my own misconception that I'm funny," he says.