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Oprah says the night Sean received his first Academy Award® was the same evening she experienced one of the most embarrassing moments of her life.

Hours after the awards ceremony, Oprah and Gayle went to the Governors Ball, an exclusive after-Oscar party. Oprah had her camera crew on standby in case she got an opportunity to interview the night's big winners.

When Gayle spotted Sean across the room, she went over and asked him if he'd agree to an interview. "Gayle goes and gets you from the table where you were with your friends and family, and she pulls you over and says, 'Here he is! Here he is!'" Oprah says. "So, okay, now I have my moment…my one moment."

After asking only a couple of questions, the camera's spotlight suddenly went dark. "There goes your light," the Oscar winner said.

Oprah never got a chance to finish her interview. "One woman's embarrassment is another man's relief," Sean says.
FROM: Oscar® Winner Sean Penn: His First Trip to The Oprah Show
Published on September 20, 2007